Musician Application

How can I play at one (or all) of your Farmers' Markets?

Musicians are highly valued members of our Farmer's Markets. We feel that the music you make adds a vibrant and lively heartbeat to the day. 

  • Musical Applicants are reviewed and selected by a Jury once a month.

  • We typically book 1 musical individual or group per market. Exception to this rule is at our much larger markets that can support 2 musicians on either end.

  • Unsolicited Buskers are not allowed to perform inside a market where we have hired a working musician to perform, and will be told to leave the premises by onsite management.

  • All tips earned are entirely yours to keep, we never take a percentage.

  • All of our markets are outdoor events. Upon request, we provide a source of power however you will need to provide your own gear and extension cord, as well as any desired shelter from both rain and sunshine.

  • We appreciate a wide variety of musical expression, however The Farmers' Market is a guest in a public space shared by other businesses and is subject to existing terms. Therefor please note that performances at our markets are sometimes confined to limits on extreme volume and lyrical content.


Send us a sample of your music, either a CD by mail, or a link by email. 

AND submit the ONLINE APPLICATION below.