Thank you for your interest in Urban Village Farmers’ Market Association (UVFM)!

UVFM operates a California Certified Farmers' Markets, which means that growers and makers have the opportunity to bypass wholesale distributors and brokers in order to sell directly to the public.

Please take the time to read through our FAQs as it will give you a good sense of the process and what to expect when applying, if approved.


I wish to become a vendor at UVFM. Which application is right for me?

After reading through these FAQs visit our New Inquiries application page:

Who can sell at URBAN VILLAGE Certified Farmers' Markets?

We accept applications for agricultural products grown by California Certified Agricultural Producers and applications for non-agricultural products from local entrepreneurs preparing specialty food products. Once admitted into a market, Food, Beverage and Agricultural vendors are given a permanent space and are therefore expected to attend every week, rain or shine, unless otherwise pre-arranged due to seasonality of the product. 

Artisans are accepted under different conditions and are not given permanent spaces. Once approved, Artisans are free to rotate attendance between our various market locations, where approved.

Submitting an application to UVFM does not guarantee acceptance. Space is very limited, we often have waitlists, and we give priority to products that balance a market's offerings, carefully avoiding duplications of what is already available.

I am with a Non-profit organization, Can i pass out information at the Farmers' market?

Yes, but with Restrictions. UVFM gladly provides a designated area at the perimeter of our markets for community informational tabling, by non-profit organisations with a 501c3, to benefit from the crowds of people that our markets draw. Absolutely NO sales, fundraising, donation collecting, or food items can be sold or given away in this section. This jeopardizes the Farmers Market’s insurance liability policy and health code permits as well as directly impacts the livelihoods of our members selling their food or art.

We ask that you check in with the onsite market management to show you where best to set up your table or where to stand, that you do not approach or distribute flyers to captive customers or vendors inside the active market area, and that you do not engage aggressively nor block clear accessibility to the pedestrian and handicap walkways, or block access or visibility to our vendors’ booths.

UVFM deeply values free-speech of all opinions when done respectfully. (Shouting hate-speech is not constitutional free-speech, and will be seen as an eminent threat to our safety, and will not be tolerated at any time).

If you wish to benefit from our crowds that our events attract in order to engage in thoughtful dialogue or get your message out, you are welcome to do so, however please keep in mind that having a cooperative spirit keeps things beneficial for everyone, including you. The vendors at our markets are all very hard working people trying to make a living and are dependent on our customers wanting to return each week. The crowd of shoppers who come out to support these local, tax paying, small businesses deserve to have this space remain safe, respectful and enjoyable. Without them, none of us have an audience. 

Can I promote my company's offerings at the Farmers' market?

While we see great value in many of these things, UVFM does not have the capacity to allow 3rd party, for-profit, promotional booths, commercial resale vendors/distributors or service industry specialists to set up in our markets. Some examples include Cannabis distributors, Bake-sale fundraisers, Girl Scout cookie sales, fitness/yoga studios, real estate agents, solar panel companies, and chiropractors.

Due to the limited space we have within the market boundaries and our strict commitment to a mission of providing a scarce and much needed platform specifically for artisanal, small scale, local producers who cannot, or choose not, to compete in the larger market place. Therefore we only allow vendors who are the producers of their own product (Farmers, Food Vendors, Artisans) in our markets. 

What are the requirements for agricultural products?

All of the products you plan to sell at a UVFM farmers' market must be grown or produced in California via the agricultural arts. Agricultural products such as fruits, nuts, vegetables, herbs, mushrooms, dairy, shell eggs, honey, pollen, unprocessed bees wax, propolis, royal jelly, flowers, grains, nursery stock, raw sheared wool, livestock meats, poultry meats, rabbit meats, and fish, including shellfish that is produced under controlled conditions in waters located in California. To sell these products you must be a Certified Agricultural Producer, holding a Certified Producer’s Certificate.  Contact your home county's Agricultural Commissioner if you want to get your operation inspected and certified. All agricultural producers must agree to UVFM's Rules and Regulations and comply with any UVFM request for a farm inspection.

What are the requirements for non-agricultural products?

Farmers markets are primarily designed for Farmers, however they also provide a great platform to the small local artisan and food purveyor. All UVFM farmers' markets have a designated area for non-agricultural food items such as baked goods, specialty foods, or ready-to-eat "hot" foods. In keeping with the spirit of farmers' markets you must be actively involved in the preparation of these products yourself. These food products must be produced in a certified kitchen in accordance with the California Retail Food Code. Should you get accepted into UVFM, you will need to obtain a county health permit for each of the markets that you are approved to attend. You must agree to sell in your spot every week. All non-agricultural producers must agree to UVFM's Rules and Regulations.

What is the application fee?

We do not charge a fee for new inquiries to apply. UVFM does however have an annual Membership fee of $60 to all our newly approved and active vendors which provides a $5 discount to the weekly stall fee, priority placement into market openings, and access to our online Members Portal.

When are applications due?

We review applications on a rolling admission system and accept new vendors into our markets on an as-needed and availability basis. 

What does UVFM Charge to participate in their Markets?

Stall Fee pricing is per <10x10 booth per market day:

  • Agricultural Producer $50 / $45 Members
    (+ $25 per market day for selling with an additional 2nd Agricultural Certificate)

  • Mini Agricultural Producer (Hyper local/small farm operating as a non-profit) $25 / $20 Members

  • Rancher /Fishery $60 / $55 Members

  • Prepared Food Producer (Pre-Packaged)  $60 / $55 Members

  • Hot Food Producer (On-site Processing)  $75 / $70 Members

  • Artisans (Non-food Producer) $55 / $50 Members

Included in every stall fee is a state-mandated tax of $2.00 per market day that UVFM transfers directly to the California Department of Food and Agriculture.

UVFM’s Annual Membership Registration Fee of $60. The enrollment period is every Spring (March-May) for all of our new and active vendors, Membership affords a $5 discount to the weekly stall fee as well as priority placement and access to our member's resource portal.

Equipment: All Vendors will need to buy their own Fire rated, 8x8 or 10x10 tent, preferably with vent flaps at the top. All signage, visible prices, furniture, and materials and equipment needed to operate your booth and maintain proper food handling practices if you choose to sample.

What type of insurance Will I need to carry?

Admitted UVFM vendors will need to carry general liability insurance with minimum coverage of $1,000,000, with Urban Village Farmers' Market Association named as an additional insured on the policy. 

Can I sell items prepared in my home kitchen?

All non-agricultural food products must come from a certified kitchen. While California law allows the limited sale of food products manufactured in a home kitchen per the California Cottage Food Act (AB 1616), we do not currently admit those products from non-agricultural "Prepared Food" producers in our markets.

Can I sell beer or wine?

Alcohol sales and sampling are allowed in UVFM farmers' markets under certain circumstances.

Please note that only California wineries are permitted to sell their wines at Certified Farmers'. They must bottle these wines and make them entirely from grapes or other agricultural products that they grow themselves. Hard cider is subject to the same requirements as wine.

Micro-breweries are also permitted if the brewery can demonstrate that a majority of the harvested ingredients are grown in California.

You'll need a Farmers' Market Sales Permit (Type 79). California Alcoholic Beverage Commission to sell any alcoholic beverage.

Can I sell arts and crafts or other non-food items?

Crafts, jewelry and other handmade artisanal items may be sold at all of our markets with the exception of Montclair Village. Artisans who apply will be reviewed by a committee before approval. Space is limited and not guaranteed each week as Artisans are not given permanent spaces. Once approved into our network, Artisans are free to rotate attendance between our various market locations.

Can I perform music in the farmers’ market?

If you wish to perform music at our farmers' markets, please fill out the musician application.  Be sure to include a link to a sample your music.  If we think your sound would be a good fit in our markets, we will contact you to coordinate performing dates for the markets you select. Hired musicians receive a payment of $50 for the 4 hour time slot and keep 100% of all tips and gratuities earned.

UVFM does not permit un-scheduled busking at our markets specifically so as to protect the earning power of the working musician that is hired to perform that day. Please respect your fellow musicians by simply applying and we will do the same for you when you are hired to play.