Every Farmers' Market is Unique 

Farmer's Markets are living, evolving creatures. Each one responds, adapts, and grows to meet the needs and desires of the unique and loyal community it serves.

Which One Will You Make Yours?

Shopping at your local Farmers' Market is a healthy and enjoyable way to spend your morning. You get outside in the fresh air, rain and shine. You and your kids are not tempted by all the highly processed and nutrient "enhanced" foods that is stocked in Grocery Stores. By default a Farmer's Market helps guide you to eat only the most seasonally fresh, whole, nutrient rich foods that are available at any given time in California, since nothing at a Farmers' Market is ever industrialized or shipped from far away.


And While You Are Having All That Fun...

...You Are Voting With Your Wallet! Box Stores take a big cut from the farmer, (yes, even the "hip, healthy" ones). At a Farmers' Market you are investing those same dollars directly into the hands of the small scale Farmer and Entrepreneur who cannot, or chooses not, to force production to reach the unnatural mass volume needed to supply national commercial distributors.