New Farmer Inquiries

I Am A California Certified Agricultural Producer, Rancher, Beekeeper, or Fishery. I Grow my Produce, Nursery Stock, and/Or Catch/Raise my Livestock.


1. Do You Qualify?

UVFM welcomes applications from California Certified Producers. All products must be grown in California and be listed on the farmer’s Certified Producer Certificate. Only the farmer, a designated family member, or an employee is permitted to sell at our Farmers Markets. Certified Farmers must grow all products offered for sale on land controlled (owned, rented, leased, or sharecropped) by the certified farmer.

2. Understand UVFM's Official Rules:

Take some time to learn about our Market Rules & Regulations Download HERE.

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3. Apply:

Fill out and submit the online Application Form below. It is free to apply, however we ask that applicants have a good grasp of the expectations before submitting.

4. Requirements after approval into a market:

  • Annual Membership Registration Fee with UVFM
  • Banner with Farm Name, Location, and states that you "Grow what You Sell"
  • Current General Liability Insurance Policy for $1 million with Urban Village Farmers' Market Association listed as "Additional Insured."
  • Certificate of Auto Insurance.
  • Current Certified Producer Certificate (CPC)

If Applicable:

  • 2nd Certificate (Pre-approved by UVFM)
  • Current State Organic Registration and 3rd party certification.
  • Nursery License.
  • CA Egg Handler Registration
  • Current County Health Permit and/or State Processed Food Registration (PFR).

Attendance: If accepted into a market, Farmer Vendors are expected to be open for business every week, rain or shine, unless an alternating schedule has been pre-arranged. 4 absences per year from the market are permitted without charge for illness, and emergencies. Some exceptions are made for seasonal producers.

Staffing: If you plan to send an employee to sell your product, it is mandatory that you provide them with full training of all market rules, food handling safety and materials. It is also very important that your employee has in depth understanding of your product and growing practices. Being able to answer detailed customer questions is at the essence of the Farmers' Market experience.

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NEW Farmer Application:

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