New ARTISAN Inquiries

I create Hand-Crafted artisanal goods & wares

1. Do You Qualify?

 Artisans must either self-produce their products, or, if the Artisan has employees, the Artisan must be in complete control of all aspects of production.  Artisans may not sell work produced with commercial kits, models, patterns, plans, prefabricated forms, or other commercial methods.

2. Understand UVFM's Official Rules:

Take some time to learn about our Market Rules & Regulations. Download HERE.

How it works:

  • Artisan applications are reviewed by a committee once a month.

  • UVFM reserves Artisan space strictly for artists and craftspeople creating "one of a kind", hand/machine crafted goods that are locally designed and produced by the artist.

  • Unlike Farm and Food Vendors who are required to attend every week, Artisans simply call in on the week they desire to reserve a spot in the markets they wish to attend. Due to this flexibility, exact Artisan locations are not fixed but rather on a first come first serve basis within a designated Artisan Area.

  • Artisans, just like our food purveyors and farmers, must be the direct producer of the product for sale, and locally produced in California. We do not provide space for 3rd party distributors or manufacturers.

  • Still have questions? Read through our FAQ Page

3. To Apply:

Fill out and submit the Online Application Form below. It is free to apply, however we ask that applicants have a good grasp of the expectations before submitting.

Also send the following by Email to

  • A one page bio of your background and history as an artist. Include your process, a description of ALL work that you would bring for sale, your price range, a description of your display, and whether you are a previous UVFM exhibitor. Items not described or juried may not be brought to the market!

  • 3-6 current photos of your work no older than one year old depicting high end to low end products, one photo of your display set-up, and one photo of your studio or of you working in your workshop. The UVFM jury reserves the right to visit your workshop.

  • Copy of most recent receipt for purchase of raw materials for product.

4. Requirements AFTER approval into a market(s):

  • Annual Membership Registration ($60) with UVFM where you can upload the following Legal Documents:

  • Copy of Seller’s Permit (State of California Resale Number) from State Board of Equalization, (510) 622-4100.

  • Copy of Certificate of General Liability Insurance for $1M naming UVFM as Additional Insured.

We are looking forward to working with you, and hope you will include our Markets in your future plans.

STOP: Are You Already An Active Vendor At UVFM?

Membership Renewal and Resources for Current Vendors.

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