New Prepared Food Inquiries

I make Baked, Fermented, Pickled, Aged, Canned, Frozen, Pre-Cooked or Pre-Packaged Foods, Drinks, Jams, Dressings, & Confections. (...)


First Step: After reading the overview of information, fill out and submit the online Application Form below.

Requirements: AFTER acceptance into a market, all Prepared Food Vendors will need to buy their own 10x10 tent, preferably with vent flaps at the top. All furniture, signage, labeling, and safety materials needed to operate your booth, and maintain proper temperature control and sampling of your product in accordance to the law. You will also need:

  • County Environmental Health Permit and/or Food Processor’s Registration.
  • Vehicle Vending Permit from Health Department of County selling in.
  • Product Liability Insurance Policy with Urban Village Farmers' Market Association listed as "Additional Insured."
  • All packaged items must have appropriate labeling.

Attendance: If accepted into a market, Prepared Food Vendors are expected to be open for business every week, rain or shine, unless an alternating schedule has been pre-arranged. A certain amount of annual absences from the market are permitted for vacation, illness, or emergencies.

Staffing: If you plan to send an employee to sell your product, it is mandatory that you provide them with training of the market rules, thorough food handling safety and materials. It is also very important that your employee has in depth understanding of your product, process, ingredients, and sourcing. Being able to answer detailed customer questions is at the essence of the Farmers' Market experience.

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