ONLINE membership RSVP

In an effort to increase efficiency as well as decrease paper waste, you can now submit all your membership packet materials online, including document uploads and the annual fee. Please note that the form will not qualify unless fully complete. If you prefer not to use the online system, you are welcome to print and submit your packet in person at the market or by postal-mail.

2019 Rules and Regulations Packet

Before submitting your Membership Renewal Application, please read the 2019 Rules and Regs document. You will be asked to acknowledge and sign to the terms in the online application.


Application Forms

For best results:

  1. Read through the application form before filling it out. You cannot save half way through.

  2. Have required documents scanned or photographed with your smartphone, ready for upload.

  3. Have a credit card on hard. 


Farmer Members

OPEN for 2019: Due March 1st


Food Members

CLOSED: Begins in April 2019

Artisan Members

CLOSED: Begins in April 2019

A Letter to our Valued Members:



Dear UVFM Vendors,

Happy New Year! Urban Village Farmers’ Market Association is pleased to extend an invitation to many new and returning vendors for participation in the 2019 season.

You can now renew your annual membership entirely online! We hope that you will find that these changes save you time and make your ongoing collaboration with UVFM a positive one.

Whether you submit online or by mail, you will need to reserve your space for this season. The following documents should be received no later than March 1st, 2019. Please send newly issued 2019 Grower Certs as you receive them.

A complete RSVP packet includes:

  • A completed Urban Village RSVP/Membership Form.
  • 2019 Certified Producers Certificate.
  • Certificate of Commercial General Liability Insurance naming UVFM as Additional Insured (minimum $1,000,000).
  • Certificate of Auto Insurance (Please advise Ins. Co’s. of new UVFM mailing address: 348 Lewis Street #4A, Oakland, CA 94607).
  • If submitting by mail, include an executed copy of the “Signature Page” and “Resale Enforcement Agreement” on the last page of the 2019 UVFM Rules and Regulations document, downloadable from the website. (This page is automatically included in the online application.)
  • The annual membership fee of $50.

If applicable to you, also include:

  • Nursery License, Seller’s Permit, *(nursery stock & flower growers).
  • 2019 2nd Certificate and Authorization Letter.
  • 2019 Organic Producers Certificate.
  • Processed Food Registration permit from CA Dept. of Public Health.

If you are interested in a market but not invited, please make note of it on the RSVP form. We will review the request, and notify applicants accordingly.

Seasonal Market News:

Things are looking good for a great farmers’ market season; We look forward to another fun year with all of you!

Cambrian Park starts its 13th season on Labor Day, Wednesday, May 1st from 4 pm to 8 pm thru the end of September 2019.

Willow Glen is slated to relocate back to an exciting new location downtown in May. We have been working hard with the area's city officials and chamber of commerce to secure and bolster this market's success. If you are interested in joining this seasonal Saturday market, please let us know. Returning vendors, be on the lookout for a follow-up email with more details.

In lieu of vendor gifts this year, UVFM has contributed to the "California Beautiful Foundation" to assist farm communities affected by the horrible fires our state experienced in 2017 and 2018.

We are looking forward to working with you, and hope you will include Urban Village Farmers’ Markets in your future plans.

Growing Regards,

Ron Pardini

Executive Director