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New Vendor Inquiries

Are you ready to start or expand your business but have never sold through the Urban Village Association before? Find the category that best matches your venture. You will find more information about requirements and process, as well as an application form to submit.

Find Answers to some Frequently Asked Questions

What is UVFM Looking For?

UVFM takes multiple factors into consideration when admitting New Applicants including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Unique or unusual products that enhance the overall diversity of products already available at UVFM Markets, without creating excessive supply as assessed by UVFM.

  • Quality of products

  • Origin of products (preference will be given to locally grown products relative to the Market(s) location in which the Applicant would like to participate)

  • Space availability at each Market

  • Balance between Certified Farmers and other categories

  • Preference given to Certified Farmers who sell value-added products over Food Purveyors offering similar products

  • Preference given to small-to-moderate family businesses over large enterprises or partnerships

Learn about Potential Start-Up Fees

Potential fees for starting your farmers market business (these are some examples of fees that you can expect to encounter if you are accepted at one of UVFM’s markets).

UVFM Annual Membership Registration Fee: $60/year once approved.

UVFM Stall fee schedule:
All Fees are per 10’ x 10’ space per day, collected weekly.

M= Member / NM= Non-Member

  • Agricultural Producer $50 NM / $45 Members

  • 2nd Agricultural Certificate $25

  • Mini Ag Producer (Hyper local/small farm operating as a non-profit) $25 NM / $20 Members

  • Rancher /Fishery $60 NM / $55 Members

  • Prepared Food Producer (Pre-Packaged)  $60 NM / $55 Members

  • Hot Food / Restaurant Producer (On-site Processing)  $75 NM / $70 Members

  • Artist (Non-food Producer) $55 NM / $50 Members

*Rainy-Day rates (December – March) $5-$15 discount per 10′ stall at the Managers Discretion

County Permits & Insurance:

The health permit and business liability insurance fees are estimates and can change at any time. Additional fees and/or permits may be required.

Equipment: All Vendors are responsible for bringing Fire rated, 8x8 or 10x10 tent, preferably with vent flaps at the top. All signage, visible prices, labels, furniture, tools and equipment needed to operate your booth and maintain proper food handling practices. All Fire safety kits outlined by the Fire Department for those with an open flame. All scales must have a current State Seal. No Styrofoam is permitted, and Reusable or Compostable packaging is highly encouraged.


A representative of a non profit organization may peacefully offer civic or community relevant information and may set up on the external perimeter of most markets. Non-Profit guests, whom are allowed to benefit from the crowd that our event draws, may never sell or give away any consumable product that conflicts with the Market's offerings and jeopardizes our compliance with CA Health Code regulations. This means NO BAKE SALES, Girl Scout Cookies, or Boy Scout Popcorn. While we are happy to give you space for civic engagement, all guests are required to do so peacefully and in full cooperation with the needs and asks of our market specific Managers. If you are unfamiliar with the market, please check in with the Information Booth to find out where the "Public Zone" is located and what, if any, additional restrictions may apply.

Other Businesses & Services:

UVFM is a Certified Farmers Market (not a Flea Market) therefore maintains strict bylaws inline with our mission which prohibits the sale of goods that are not Made or Grown directly by the seller and in California. While we appreciate them, we can not provide space for services such as massage or chiropractics at this time.

The world is largely set up to provide ample platforms for the production, marketing, sales, and 3rd party distribution of larger, national, and international commodities. Even if your product is wholesome, organic and healthy, the Farmers Market is not the platform for you if your product is not entirely made here in California by You and your family. 

UVFM is a non profit that specializes in providing one of the last remaining platforms available for the hyper local, small scale, family farmer and artesanal craftsperson. That's who is selling at our markets, and why we should all support these hard working individuals.

Thank you for your understanding!



Once your application has been reviewed we will contact you.  

You are a Farmer, Nursery, Bee Keeper, Fishery, or Rancher producing in the state of California.

You pre-make baked goods, jams, spreads, fermented or preserved foods and drinks that are sold packaged.

You plan to prepare & serve meals that are ready-to-consume on site during market hours.

ARTISTS Apply Here

You are an Artist and Maker of fine crafts.


Apply Here if you are a Musician / Performer